Stable isotope analysis

What is Stable Isotope Analysis?

Stable Isotope Analysis is a technique used to analyze isotopic composition of elements within a sample. A stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer is used to measure the relative abundances of different isotopes within the sample, allowing us to determine the isotopic composition and infer information about the sample's origin, chemical reactions, or metabolic pathways. The technique is widely used in the various disciplines of natural sciences due to its versatility and the ability to provide valuable insights into wide range of phenomena.


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Our Laboratory

The laboratory features a state-of-the-art Elementar Isoprime Vision mass spectrometer connected to a Vario Isotope Cube elemental analyzer for a wide application of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur stable isotope measurements. Typical laboratory samples include plant (seed, wood, charcoal) and animal tissue (bone, tooth, feathers, hair), foodstuffs, sediments, soils, and others.

Our services cover measurements for the following stable isotope ratios:

  • Carbon (δ13C, 13C/12C);
  • Nitrogen (δ15N, 15N/14N);
  • Sulfur (δ34S, 34S/32S).

International reference materials are used for the optimal reliability and to ensure the accuracy and precision of our measurements. The precision for homogenous samples is generally better than 0.2 ‰ for carbon, 0.3 ‰ for nitrogen and 0.5 ‰ for sulfur.

Our technical capabilities ensuring high thruput, thus we can analyze d13C d15N stable isotopes in 200 samples in three weeks.


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Sample Requirements

Typical sample weights range from a few milligrams but vary depending on the specific samples. For optimal performance, we recommend that samples would contain 100 micrograms of either carbon, nitrogen, or sulfur, but we can accommodate measurements of smaller or larger samples.

We accept samples that are pre-weighed and packed in tin capsules or provided as raw sample materials. Please ensure that pre-weighed samples do not exceed 40 mg of sample material per capsule.

How will my results look?

The results are expressed in δ notation (δ13C, δ15N, δ34S) as a ratio of the heavier isotope to the lighter isotope, in the terms of per mil (‰). The values are reported with reference to Vienna Pee Dee Belemnite (for δ13C), air (for δ15N) and Vienna Canyon Diablo Troilite (for δ34S).

The results also include the Elemental Analysis compositions (C, N or S) of the sampled material and are reported in %. Free of charge.


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