AMS radiocarbon analysis of fuel, oil, gas (ASTM 6866)

AMS radiocarbon analysis is an ultimate technology determining biobased carbon content in liquid, solid and gaseous materials. This is indispensable tool for industries looking to demonstrate the natural origin of their products, whether it's high-end cosmetic ingredients, paints, bioplastic packaging, diesel with HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), filters, refuse-derived fuel, volatile chemical compounds, or a mixture of carbon-neutral gases. The biobased carbon content is determined in accordance with the ASTM D6866 standard and follows ISO17025 accredited procedures. To perform an AMS C14 analysis, only a small amount, either 1 milliliter or 1 gram, of a homogeneous and representative sample of the material is needed. Urgent tests can be completed within 6 business days or even slightly faster. AMS radiocarbon analysis is absolutely the best available and advanced tool, comparing to alternatives for such tests.


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Biobased materials for AMS radiocarbon analysis

AMS radiocarbon analysis can be performed for the most of materials. There are examples of mostly analyzed materials in VILNIUS RADIOCARBON laboratory within past several years: 

Solid: aerosol PM, PM10 filters, nicotine products, wood composites, yeast, bioplastics, SRF/RDF fuel, hydro soluble film, beeswax, polyethylene, polypropylene

Liquid: wine, rose oil, other essential oils, diesel with HVO and FAME, paint, varnish, Alkyd resins, Mono pentaerythritol, Ethyl Acrylate, Salicylic Acid, Isoamyl Acrylate, various acrylic monomers, pyrolysis oil from waste tires

Gaseous: methane, propane, butane, biomethane, hydrocarbon gas mixtures, fuel gases.

In all cases, the suitability of materials for AMS radiocarbon analysis would depend on factors like sample size, purity, and the specific questions researchers aim to address. Proper sample preparation and handling are essential to ensure accurate and meaningful results. Additionally, it's important to work with a scientific laboratory experienced in radiocarbon analysis to ensure the appropriate methodologies and standards are followed.

If you need consultation regarding correct sampling – do not hesitate to call or write a message with the sample photos

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