Graphitization and AMS measurement

The graphitization procedure of the samples is performed using scientific instrument made in Switzerland – Automated Graphitization Equipment AGE-3 (IonPlus AG).

AGE3 system for Sample Graphitization @VILNIUS RADIOCARBON Laboratory

Radiocarbon is measured with one of two state of the art accelerators. A single stage accelerator mass spectrometer made in USA by National Electrostatics Corp. (NEC) – the world’s leader in the manufacture of electrostatic ion beam accelerator systems, or innovative instrument Low energy accelerator LEA from IonPlus AG, Switzerland). 

The background of measurements is estimated to be 2.45 × 10−3 fM (fraction of modern carbon) using phthalic anhydride. The IAEA-C2, IAEA-C3, IAEA-C7, IAEA-C9, NIST OXII, SIRI K (carbonate) standards are used as reference materials. The 14C/12C ratio is measured with an accuracy better than 0.3% (+/-30 years or less). For the isotopic fractionation correction, the ratio of 13C to 12C is used.

240 KV Single Stage Accelerator Mass Spectrometer @VILNIUS RADIOCARBON laboratory


Low energy accelerator LEA @VILNIUS RADIOCARBON laboratory

All dates are calibrated by OxCal v4.4.2 (Bronk Ramsey, 2020), atmospheric data from Reimer et al., 2020.


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