AMS radiocarbon dating of hair

AMS radiocarbon dating is a versatile method that can be applied to the analysis of both human hair and animal fur samples. This technology enables us to glean valuable insights into the ages of these materials. For optimal results, we recommend providing a sample of approximately 100 milligrams of the material. Before the radiocarbon (14C) dating process begins, our experts meticulously select and prepare the samples, taking into consideration factors such as the type of hair or fur, the quantity available, and the overall condition. Following this, the samples undergo graphitization, a pivotal phase in the carbon dating process that demands a high level of expertise to ensure precise and dependable results. Here at the VILNIUS RADIOCARBON laboratory, we employ top-tier chemicals and consumables available in the market for the pre-treatment of samples. Our procedures strictly adhere to internally approved methodologies outlined in the provided protocol, guaranteeing the highest standards in the analysis of hair and fur samples. By utilizing our state-of-the-art techniques, we offer you a reliable and accurate means of dating these materials, shedding light on their historical or biological significance. On demand we can measure and d13C stable isotopes values, using Isoprime VISION isotope ratio mass spectrometer from Elementar GmbH (Germany) results.


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Pretreatment protocol for hair samples

Preferred sample size: >100 mg

Minimum sample size: 30 mg

Hair and fur samples often involves an organic solvent step to eliminate oils, waxes, greases, varnish, or preservatives. Following this, samples undergo standard acid-base-acid (ABA) procedure. The samples are treated with a sequence of 0.5M HCl (70°C), 0.1M NaOH (room temperature), and then 0.5M HCl (70°C). After that samples are dried in pH=3 solution.

Before sending the sample, we recommend to check here, how your sample’s result in the dating certificate will look.

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