AMS Radiocarbon Dating

C14 dating of archaeological and geological samples from present day back to 50.000 BP using the most advanced method – AMS.


Current turnaround time 3-5 weeks


ISO17025 accredited lab (for biobased carbon content)


Great rates and support programs


Only AMS technique being used

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What can be dated?

C14 identified limits range of geological, archaeological biological samples are from present day back to 50.000 BP. Only organic matter that has ever lived absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere can be dated: wood, plants, bone, leather, paper, shells, hair, teeth, charcoal, even groundwater. Metals, rocks, stones are not suitable material for expedient radiocarbon dating.

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Vilnius Radiocarbon Laboratory

VILNIUS RADIOCARBON started in 2018 at the largest research organization in Lithuania – Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC). From 2015, there is a 240 kV single stage accelerator mass spectrometer (SSAMS, National Electrostatics Corporation, USA) installed and a modern radiocarbon dating sample preparation laboratory with elemental analyzer (EA, Vario Isotope Select, Elementar, GmbH) connected to the Automated Graphitization Equipment AGE 3 (Ionplus AG).

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Sample Submission


Collect sufficient quantity of sample

According to your sample material, you can find here what quantity would be needed for the best peformance. We do not need liters or kilos of material, grams or miligrams is enough for AMS.


Pack and number your samples

Perfectly would fit plastic zip bag for each sample, with dedicated sample name/number on it, and pack it into envelope or a box.


Submit your order

After submission you will receive proforma with unique labcode, shipment address label and payment details directly to your email in a minute.


Ship your samples

DHL, Fedex, UPS are the best ones, but other courier services works also well. Inform us after dispatcing with the tracking number, and we will perform needed customs clearance procedures and definitely confirm you about your samples receipt.

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Why AMS?

To achieve the highest possible accuracy, repeatability and quality, VILNIUS RADIOCARBON using only accelerated mass spectrometry technology (AMS). Today it is the most advanced and worldwide recognized technique for archaeological and geological samples age determination, and also for identification of biobased carbon content in the products. We run 240 kV Single Stage AMS manufactured by National Electrostatics Corporation (USA), and Low Energy AMS manufactured by Ionplus AG (Switzerland).

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